Are you passionate about music? Do you have an interest in DJing? Are you looking for some extra income doing something you enjoy?

We are constantly looking for the RIGHT DJ’s to join team of professional DJ’s.  We are specialist in our field and we need more DJ’s with the same passion.

At Tenacious DJ, we are not your normal DJ agency. We work very closely with all our DJ’s to make sure our client get the best possible experience.

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What type of “Disco” do you provide?

We provide a range of discos to our clients, however our main focus is for the wedding industry, and other cooperate events. If you are looking for nightclub/bar work then unfortunately we are not what you are looking for.

Where will I be working?

We have several large contracts with venues within the Derbyshire and South Yorkshire, however we also have a vast quantity of private bookings that could be at various events from Marquees to Village Halls etc.

Do I need to be able to drive?

Yes, your own transport is essential, most events require traveling with equipment being transported, most DJ rigs can now fit in an average size car.

A typicial gig would be allocated approximate 30 -45 mins from your home


How much do I get paid?

Discussions on pay are discussed at a interview process, but there are various factors that affect your pay, this includes the equipment you provide, the location of venue (further distances are paid at a higher rate)


How do I get paid?

We do not provide ‘cash’ for our events. Tenacious DJ pride itself on it professionalism on all levels, invoices would be required for every event provided, For our regular DJ’s we would ask for a monthly invoice, in which we you would be paid within 30 days.


How much commission do you take?

We do not take a set % of each event and there is lots of factors to take in to consideration, however we keep it fair and always make sure that the DJ is happy with the rate before confirming the booking with them. We can discuss this more at the interview stage.


I’m quite shy on the microphone, is this a problem?

We believe our clients pay for good music and professional appearance. Unlike the old school DJ’s, we do not promote continual taking on microphones. However talking on the mic is a duty required and so we will provide as much coaching as you like for this.


I don’t have any DJ equipment, can I still work with you?

Everyone has to start somewhere, and if you are the right person, we can help you with the equipment. We provide a funding service of where we will purchase the equipment for you, and you will repay this equipment of a period of gig’s until the full amount has been paid off. The equipment is then yours. We also like our DJ’s to keep their equipment consistent with other DJ’s and so we can advise one what we would provide for our clients.


I am already a DJ with plenty of work, but could do with a few other gigs?

We prefer our DJ’s to be 80% committed to Tenacious DJ, as we do our best not to use different DJ’s on a regular basis. Our major clients like to request certain DJ’s and so because of this we ask for your availability as flexible as possible.
However we still want to hear from you, if you are finding your own gigs but feel like we can help you out with a few more, let us know.


Im only 17 is that too young?

No! Tenacious DJ owner, started DJing at the age of 16!


Likewise Am am I too old?

No! We have a range of client requirement all types of event, we carefully pick the right DJ for the right event, and yes, some client do request our more ‘senior in age’ DJ!



We treat our DJ’s with respect and take the hard work out of finding gigs. We provide coaching and regular review meetings as a team.

In addition to this we provide bonus incentives start up schemes.

So regardless of your experience, with the right attitude you can become a member of the ever growing company and be part of something special.

I’m interested, what happens next?

Send us and email to the below answering the following questions and we will get back to you;

Email –


Full Name -

Address -

Phone Number -

Date of Birth -

Current Experience -

DJ Equipment Owned -


If you are what we are looking for, we would like to arrange an informal interview of where we can find out a bit more about you, you also then have a chance to ask us anything.

Should we both be happy to work together, we will place you on a shadowing gig with one of our more experienced DJ’s. They will then report back to us and if we are happy that’s it! You are part of the team.

We will order you your uniform, add you to the website.

For the first few gigs we will supervise you and offer any advice you need it during your gig.


Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards



Adam Smith

(Owner of Tenacious DJ and Director of Tenacious Events)